I stand before the gates of hell
Wondering if I should knock
Wondering if I belong here
Or somewhere else
I gaze around at the familiar sites
I know so well
As I wonder what to do
Should I stay in the hell I know
Or search for the path to heaven
Oh shit it’s too late
The decision is no longer mine
Now that I hear you
Unlocking the door



All we ever want to do is protect ourselves.
Protect ourselves from facing any kind of pain.
I let my guard down and I shouldn’t have
and I don’t know if I ever will again. 

One loss does not forever make
hearts are made to heal
they’re stronger than we think
and know how to deal

With the pain life and love
sadly throws our way
but in the end you’ll find the one
who’ll send your pain away

Since they will protect your heart
as you protect theirs too
it just sometimes takes a while
to find the love that’s true

and ever lasting….