Angel of Retribution

I once dreamed that you loved me
I once dreamed that you cared
I once dreamed you’d never hurt me
I once dreamed my heart was spared
From the nightmare of reality
I must live every day
In the shadow of your anger
As karma’s debt I must repay
For the evil I have done
To other hearts I claimed to love
If I’m to have a chance to go
To heaven up above
I must do my penance
Each and everyday
As I pray for redemption
While my life ticks away
I know these things you do to me
And the words you use to hurt
Are my soul’s only hope when
I lay sleeping in the earth

If I’m done having tomorrows
I hope I made it clear
Just how much I loved you
In the times when you were here
Sharing love and laughter
Tears and hard times too
We faced them all together
As two in love should do
And when I’m gone remember
My love can never die
It lives on within you
So darling please don’t cry
And do not be afraid to
Let a new love in
I want you to be happy
In the same way I have been
Since the day we met

Falling for you
Was a mistake
You want me to give
While you only take
You expect me to be
What you say I should
While you keep changing
Between bad and good
Keeping me guessing
From day to day
What I should do
What I should say
As I walk a tight rope
Between heaven and hell
I know I should leave
But you fuck so well
That when my big head says
I should be done
The little one says
No, let’s have some more fun
And so far he has been
The one I listen too

Someday you will leave me
so please don’t claim you won’t
Someday you will hate me
though right now you don’t
Someday you’ll look back on us
with a heart filled with regret
someday you will wish that you
could someday forget
that we ever met
but for now we are in love